Why spay or neuter?

In addition to helping reduce pet overpopulation, when you spay or neuter (“fix”), you also protect your pet’s health. This ensures they can enjoy a long and happy life with you and your family:

Neuter (Males)

  • Reduces the risk of territorial marking
  • Decreases undesired behaviors, like dog aggression
  • Eliminates risk of testicular cancer and lowers incidents of prostate disease
  • Reduces the desire to roam, which could result in injury by motorists or other animals

Spay (Females)

  • No heat cycles, which reduces an intact male’s attraction to your lovely girl
  • Reduces the desire to roam
  • Decreases the risk of mammary gland tumors, and ovarian, and uterine cancers—especially if done before the first heat cycle

Show some love and Snip Your Pit

An affordable ‘fix’ for your dog

BAPBR supports your decision to protect your pet's health. With the “Snip Your Pit” Program, your dog or puppy (over 12 weeks old) can receive comprehensive spay and neuter services.

Please consider a "pay it forward" donation so that we can help others in the same way we are helping you. This donation, in any amount, helps us continue our efforts into the future for other families that need our assitance. To make an optional donation to the program, click here.

How to apply:

Step 1 – Contact BAPBR

Please provide us with details about you and your pet:

Submit Application

Step 2 – Scheduling

Once we have all your information, we will schedule your appointment. Note: If you cancel or skip your appointment, we will not reschedule for you.

Step 3 – Surgery Prep

Please bathe your dog a day or two before your appointment. Then, do not feed or give your dog water past 9:00pm the night before surgery.

Step 4 – Drop-off

Drop-off is between 7:30am – 9:30am. When you arrive at the vet’s office please:

  • Give your name and your pet’s name
  • Mention the BAPBR "Snip Your Pit" program
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork
  • Note: Please leave your dog in the car while you check in if your dog is dog reactive or dog aggressive

Depending on the county you live in an appointment will be made on your behalf at one of our partner veterinarians, including:

Willamette Valley
Animal Hospital

4975 River Road North
Keizer, OR 97303
(503) 393-7462

Get Directions

Step 5 – Pick-up

Pick-up is usually between 3:00pm – 5:00pm, but you can call the vet clinic after 2:00pm for an exact pick-up time.

Step 6 – Recovery

The veterinarian will go over post-surgery instructions with you. It is important that you follow the instructions carefully.


With Snip Your Pit, doing the right thing
for your pet is painless.

Join us in supporting Snip Your Pit.

Even with the generous donations from our partners each spay/neuter and vaccination costs our organization an average of $85-$100.

You can help us save even more lives by donating specifically to this program.

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More Great Information

Check out this great article "Snipped in the bud: Cutting spay and neuter myths down to size" from the 2013 issues of "Fetch" Magazine: The Snip/Tuck Issue, Number 1, Issue 15

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