Thinking About Adopting a Dog?

A bit about how a new dog will change your life and what to consider in your decision-making process…

What will you tolerate?

Ask yourself that question. Have the whole family ponder it. Make a list of things you just won't stand for, or won't have time to manage or work with. Share it with anyone from an animal organization that is assisting you in finding the right match. This is invaluable information for them to have to determine what dogs may or may not work with your expectations.

Expect more responsibility and more monthly expenses

You're not getting a "dog park" dog

Have you liked every single person you’ve ever met? Not likely. Not all dogs enjoy every other dog they meet. If your dog likes most other dogs they’ve met, they should be introduced to other dogs that you know are well-mannered and dog-appropriate in a supervised and controlled manner. BAPBR does not recommend taking your dog to dog parks. You don’t know the other dogs, you don’t know their guardians, nor how they will react to new situations or new dogs—for a breed that is already so closely watched by the public, it’s important to take extra precaution to not put your dog into a situation with too many unknown variables. Head over to our Dog Parks page to learn about why we never recommend the dog park for these dogs.

Be prepared for prejudice and work to change hearts and minds!

As a Pit Bull Terrier guardian, you will be constantly required to defend your choice of pet. You will have friends, family members and co-workers who will not understand and pointedly tell you all they know about "those dogs" and what "those dogs" will do. Whether you like it or not, your dog is a breed ambassador and you will be forced to educate others on an almost daily basis. People will walk to the other side of the street as you walk your dog. Some people will happily meet your dog and tell you how pretty she is and when you tell them your dog is a Pit Bull Terrier, they will recoil in fear and act as though they have been struck by a bolt of electricity. Some will refuse to let their children play at your house. Your only defense is a well-trained, well-socialized companion pet that shows them how wonderful these dogs can be in the right hands and homes.

Are you prepared for these changes, responsibilities, expenses and commitment?

Let's get started!



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