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Education is key to being a responsible dog guardian. With that being said, BAPBR does not plan to reinvent the wheel! We have learned what we know about the breed from some of the best organizations and advocates out there. Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite links.


We strongly encourage you to stay away from corn-based meat bi-products typically sold in the supermarket. Though convenient and less expensive than our recommended brands, the truth is that these products are unhealthy and unethical. Meat bi-products and meat meal (a main ingredient in many commercial dog food brands) consist of rendered animal parts taken from euthanized or carcass animals. These parts are not nutritious and highly contaminated, not to mention, cruel in their manufacturing. Please consider this when selecting food and treats for your companion animal.

Here at BAPBR we feed Grain Free…Why feed grain free? In the wild, your dog or cat's diet would consist of primarily meat based proteins, and the occasional fruit and vegetable. Grain was consumed very little. Grain has in fact been found to cause or irritate dogs’ food allergies. Grain is also very hard to digest especially in aged pets. Some of the benefits of feeding grain free (not limited to): Shiny coat, decreased allergies, healthy skin, increased appetite in picky eaters, increased energy, ease in passing of stools, reduced stools and decrease in weight for obese dogs.

A tip about meal time—we recommend using stainless steel or glass bowls for food and water. These types of bowls reduces bacteria growth and chin acne.

Leashes and Collars

BAPBR recommends clip martingale collars. This ensures the dog cannot back out of the collar and is good for strong dogs that may pull, but does not act as a choke collar (choke collars are NOT recommended and do not accomplish the goal of less pulling). We also walk our dogs on front clip walking harnesses. We do NOT recommend walking dogs on a “flexi” (retractable) leash.

Toughest Toys and Chewies

We recommend that you NEVER leave dogs unattended while chewing on bones or playing with toys. Not only could they choke, but it’s also unsafe to leave two dogs unsupervised with bones or high value toys. These are some of the toughest, long-lasting toys and chewies we’ve found for strong-chewers.

Veterinarian Clinics

These are just a few of the veterinary clinics we frequent and have high praise for—if you use them, please tell them BAPBR sent you.

Dog Training Businesses – Group Classes

Before you start training, you need to decide what method of training you will use. BAPBR strongly recommends Positive Reinforcement Training for all dogs - especially pit bull type dogs.

Private Dog Trainers

Insurance Agents

There are a few agencies out there that allow all family members but always check with your agent and ask lots of questions. Policies can change without warning so be sure to review the fine print regularly.

Farmers Insurance

Spencer Lund
21901 NE Halsey St Ste 203
Fairview, OR  97024-9736
971-231-4031 (Office)
503-661-7285 (Fax)

State Farm Insurance

Contact an agent close to your area:
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Pit Bull Terrier Resource Links and Recommended Reading

There is so much education out there, but it’s important to go to reputable sources that contain accurate information. Lovers of these dogs are faced with educational opportunities on a near-daily basis. Changing hearts and minds means being armed with knowledge and facts and providing information in a positive manner. Here are some excellent resources.