Our Contributors

Here are some of the people and business that make this effort work! We hope you will join us in supporting them!

Veterinary Clinics

The following veterinary practices generously partner with our organization to offer free office visits and vaccines at a reduced cost for dogs in our care. They also offer spay and neuter services at a reduced cost for dogs in our Pit Stop and Snip Your Pit programs. We thank them and recommend them to our friends:

Pet Supply Stores

Dogs are needy! They need gear—be it toys, treats, blankets, jackets, leashes—you name it and they probably need it. Since we don’t have a physical shelter, this is the best way to get our adoptable dogs out into the public so people can meet them and see about making a love match. The following pet-centric stores have generously supported BAPBR by sponsoring events, hosting weekly Meet and Greets for adoptable dogs and making monetary or product donations that are crucial to the organizations’ continued success!

Pet Photographers

Our dogs really shine—you’ve probably noticed their gorgeous mugs on our website and featured in our posts on Facebook, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins! The following photographers kindly donate their time and talent to BAPBR to take photographs of dogs in our Pit Stop program. By capturing each adoptable dog’s personality on film, our photographers play a huge role in attracting attention to the wonderful dogs in our care and helping speed the timeframe it takes for them to be spotted by their Forever Family.

Professional Dog Trainers

No matter where a dog comes from, chances are, they could brush up on some manners. We wholeheartedly believe in providing a good foundation to every dog that comes through our program—so we actively utilize our professional dog training partners while dogs are in their foster homes (Pit Stops). The following trainers generously partner with BAPBR to offer reduced-cost training to the dogs in our care. With their vast knowledge and professional guidance, our trainers help to prepare dogs in our care for their future homes.

Dog Food

Many thanks go to the following dog food company for donating high-quality, healthy food to our organization on a monthly basis. This regular donation keeps our dogs’ bellies full and allows the organization to continue helping homeless dogs without the worry of added food costs.

Dog Collars

People are always commenting on the cute-factor of our dogs’ collars and there is a reason for that! The following dog collar companies generously donate their products to BAPBR for dogs in our care as well as for great items for our fundraising auctions. Without their collars, our dogs wouldn’t look nearly as snazzy!

Dog ID Tags

The following companies have generously donated their products to keep the BAPBR dogs in our care safe with their high quality, durable ID tags.


We wouldn’t get very far if no one noticed us…that’s why we spend a lot of time on presenting ourselves in an eye-catching, organized and professional manner. But we didn’t go to design school so we work with the right people! The following companies have lent their professional expertise to BAPBR to develop our logo, website, and other promotional materials that are crucial to the organization’s continued growth and success.