We Believe In Second Chances. Do You?

We are the longest standing registered non-profit rescue in the Portland Metro area dedicated to giving Pit Bull Terriers the lives they deserve. Read more about us, our mission and how we are working every day to achieve it.

We are funded solely, and supported by, the generosity of individuals and corporations in our community. All of our dogs are located in approved foster homes around the Portland metro area. BAPBR does not have a physical building and does not have set hours of operation.

Our mission

BAPBR strives to save lives by keeping dogs out of local shelters through spay-neuter assistance, owner-support programs, and adoptions.

Who we are

BAPBR is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. We are a family of volunteers and advocates dedicated to helping local Pit Bull Terriers and their guardians.

What we do

Our beginning

BAPBR was founded by Angela Adams in 2007 as a private animal rescue, after meeting a friend's Pit Bull Terrier puppy and falling madly in love. Angela quickly began researching Pit Bull Terriers and uncovered a shocking statistic: at the time of her research, Pit Bull Terriers and Pit Bull Terrier like dogs averaged 33% of shelter intakes nationally, but in large cities, the intake numbers were as high as 40%-65%. Knowing first-hand what great dogs they are, Angela founded BAPBR to address this statistic. She has worked tirelessly to promote advocacy for these dogs, setting the example for our current BAPBR volunteers. BAPBR officially became a non-profit in 2011, and we have been expanding our business of saving lives ever since.